Curriculum Vitae 03-2016




Current Position


Since 02/2020                Co-Founder and Coordinator »Digital Urban Center for Aging & Health | DUCH Berlin«
                                       at »Alexander von Humboldt-Institut für Internet & Gesellschaft (HIIG)« in cooperation 
                                       with Charité, Einstein Center and Weizenbaum Institute Berlin. 


Since 03/2016                 Chair for Philanthropy & Civil Society | PhiCS | Karlshochschule, Karlsruhe | 3 PreDocs


Since 01/2017                 Co-Founder and Co-CEO BICICLI Holding GmbH
                                        Society for Urban Mobility, Berlin     


Since 01/2017                 Co-Founder and Partner "Das 18te Kamel & Komplizen GmbH"
                                        Sozietät für Digitale & Soziale Transformation    



Personal Data & Pre University Background 


Born June 12, 1971 Papenburg, Germany, unmarried


1977 – 1983                    Primary School: Zinnowwald Grundschule, Berlin Zehlendorf

1983 – 1990                    Secondary School: Albert-Schweitzer-Schule, Kassel

08/1990 – 05/1992          Apprenticeship, Bank Clerk, Stadtsparkasse, Kassel

09/1992 – 09/1993          Civil Services, Ambulant Geriatric Care at German Red Cross, Kassel


Educational Background 


10/1993 – 12/1997   Studies of Economics and Management (“Wirtschaftswissenschaft”)
     at Private University Witten/Herdecke, Germany
     Degree: Master of Business Administration (“Diplom Ökonom”)
     Grade: with distinction


02/1995 – 04/1995   Tokyo Keizai University, Japan
     Research Project with e.g. Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Nippondenso,
     Porsche, VW, Miti. 


02/1996 – 04/1996  New York University, New York City. 


01/1998 – 07/2003   Ph.D. – Research Fellowship at the Private University Witten/Herdecke
     Merger Management – Empirical and Theoretical Findings
     103 Mega-Mergers and 6 Frequent Acquirers in the High Tech-Industry (Silicon Valley),
     560 Pages
     Grade: summa cum laude



Academic Appointments 


University Management


09/2003 – 09/2014    Founding President and Managing Director of
                Zeppelin Universität gemeinnützige GmbH, Friedrichshafen, Germany


Professorships | Visiting Scholarships 


Since 03/2016           Chair for Philanthropy & Civil Society | PhiCS | Karlshochschule, Karlsruhe | 3 PreDocs 


12/2003 – 02/2016    Chair for “Strategic Organization & Finance | SOFI”
                                  Zeppelin University, Lake Constance | 1 PostDocs, 1 PreDocs


06/2010 – 02/2016    Founder and Director of “Civil Society Center | CiSoC”
                                  Zeppelin University, Lake Constance | 2 PostDocs, 4 PreDocs


11/2014 – 12/2015    Visiting Scholar, Stanford University
      “History of Ideas of Organized Education” Invitation by
       Prof. Sepp Gumbrecht, Department of Comparative Literature


06/2010 – 08/2010    Visiting Scholar, Stanford University
       Nomination Research Group “Universities of the 21
st Century”
       Invitation by Prof. Russell Berman and Prof. Sepp Gumbrecht
       Department of Comparative Literature


04/2000 – 12/2001    Visting Researcher, Harvard Business School
       Invitation: Prof. Richard Meyer, Prof. Michael E. Porter
       and Prof. Michael Rukstad  
       M&A Case Study: DaimlerChrysler Post Merger Management 


03/1999 – 12/1999    Visiting Researcher, Stanford University
       Sociology Department and the Graduate School of Business

                                  Invitation: Prof. Mark Granovetter

                                  Study: Frequent Acquirers in the High Tech-Industry, Silicon Valley


Institute Management


01/1998 – 03/2003    Founder/General Manager of “Institute for Mergers & Acquisitions | IMA”
       at the Witten/Herdecke University
       DaimlerChrysler AG, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, Ernst & Young,
       McKinsey & Company, MobilCom AG and Bloomberg, 12 employees 



Memberships | Policy Consulting & Advisory Boards


Since 2015         Founding Member of the “Beirat” and “Competence Pool” for KIRON University for Refugees 


2014 – 2016       Member of the Expert-Board for the “Karl Schlecht Stiftung”
                           (advisory for grants)


2010 – 2014        Member of the “Innovationsdialog des Kanzleramtes”
                           (Consulting Board for the German Chancellor and other Ministers)


2010 – 2013        Member of the “Forschungsunion”
                            (High Tech Strategy of the German Government),
                            of the German Ministry of Education and Research 


2010 – 2012        Member of the “AG Nichtstaatlicher Hochschulsektor"

                            German Council of Science and Humanities („Wissenschaftsrat“)


2009 – 2012        Member of the Jury “Stadt der Wissenschaft”,
                            Stifterverband der deutschen Wissenschaft


2007 – 2015        Member of the Jury “Spitzencluster” (High Tech-Strategy),
                            of the German Ministry of Education and Research 


2006 – 2012        Member of the personal Advisory Board (“persönlicher Beraterkreis”)
                            of Peer Steinbrück (former German Federal Minister of Finance)


2006 – 2015        Member of the Advisory Board, Ernst & Young Stiftung, Germany


since 2011 –        Member of the Advisory Board, Stiftung Würth
                            Freie Schule Anne-Sophie
, Künzelsau, Berlin 


since 2010 –        Member of the Advisory Board, Rock Your Life! gGmbH


since 2011 –        Member of the Advisory Board, Kinderstiftung Bodensee (Caritas)


2007 – 2012        Member of the Advisory Board of the Project “T-City”
                            Deutsche Telekom AG and Stadt Friedrichshafen 


2007 – 2011        Member of the Board of Directors (Aufsichtsrat)

                            Columbus AG, Ravensburg 


2006 – 2007        Member of the Commission “Hochschule 2020”
                            German Ministry of Education and Research 


2006 – 2008        Member of the Expert Group “Unternehmen Region”,
                            “Enhancing Management of Innovation”,
                            Ministry of Education and Research



Memberships | Editorial Boards & Scientific Community


2005 –                Member of the Editorial Board “Zeitschrift für Management | ZfM“


2000 – 2005       Chief editor of M&A REVIEW, the leading German speaking
                           monthly Journal for Mergers & Acquisitions, Fachverlag Handelsblatt.


2003 –                Verband der deutschen Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e.V.


1998 –                Schmalenbach Gesellschaft e.V. 




Scholarships & Grants 


2006                              Herbert Quandt-Stiftung, Munich/Leipzig, Transatlantic Forum


2005                              Fulbright Stipend for the “Higher Education Expert Seminar”
                                      Boston University, Duke University, New York University, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 


2004                               Herbert Quandt-Stiftung, Phoenix Arizona, Transatlantic Forum 


06/1995 – 12/1997        German National Merit Foundation
(Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes)  


01/1995 – 06/1995        German Academic Exchange Service for Japan-Research
                   (Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst DAAD) 


10/1993 – 12/1997        „Eberle-Butschkau-Stiftung“, Foundation of the
                    German Sparkassen-Organization




Professional Experience, Consulting & Internships  


1987 –                           DJing (Deep-, Minimal-, Tech-House, Acid Jazz, Drum & Bass)
          Clubs and Radio (e.g. KZSU, California; Deutschlandfunk, Cologne) 


1992                              Guide on documenta IX, Kassel, Germany  

02/1994 – 10/1996        Dr. Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, Bielefeld, Germany
                                      Mentor: Dr. August Oetker
                                      (Internships Production/Logistics/Warehousing, Controlling, Human Resource, Marketing)

06/1994 – 10/1996        pro universitate GmbH, Witten, Germany (Managing Director)
                                      (Student Services, Copy Shop, Publishing)


02/1996 – 05/1996        Gallard Schlesinger Inc. / Budenheim Chemie, New York, USA
                                      (Internship Marketing & Sales / Trading of Vitamins and Acids) 


07/1996 – 02/1997        Booz.Allen & Hamilton Inc., Düsseldorf und Frankfurt
                                      (Consultant and Project Management
                                      “Human Resources and Organizational Development” for a Welfare Organization)


02/1997 – 06/1997        Mannesmann AG, Wetter, Germany
                                      (Internship: Mergers & Acquisitions)


1996 –        Scientific Consulting (selection):

              Hugo Boss AG (1996): “Sponsoring Strategies for Subbrands”
         (for the CEO Prof. Dr. Littmann)

              FALKE Gruppe (1997 – 1998): Virtual Organization
         (for the HR-Department)

              RWE AG (1998): Concept of Entrepreneurships-Initiative: 

              DaimlerChrysler AG (1998 – 2001): Post Merger Management
        (for Board Member Dr. Cordes and Integration Manager Grube)

              Creditanstalt / Bank Austria (1999 – 2002): Post Merger Management
        (for the Integration Group)

              ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG (2001 – 2003): Post Merger Integration

                  (for the ERGO Academy)

              Deutsche Bank AG (2002): Electronic Government/Electronic Signature

                 (for the CTO Lamberti) 

              Hospitals in Berlin (2003): Public Merger Management 

              ALTANA AG (2007-2009): Post Merger Audit
        (for CEO Dr. Wolfgruber)

              EVONIK AG (2009-2010): Innovation Management
        (for HR-Department and EVONIK Academy)

              Daimler AG (2009-2012): Human Resource Management – Volatility Management
        (for Board Member and HR-Director Porth)

              Wüstenrot, Schwäbisch-Hall, Badenia (2010-2013): Bildungssparen
         (for the CEOs)
    Vienna Insurance Group (2015): HR-Strategy
          (for the CEO and Head of HR)




Entrepreneurial Experience 


2000 – 2012               Co-Founder cosinex GmbH

                                   (Software, Service, Consulting for Electronic Government, 35 Employees), 

                                   CEO (Corporate Finance, Strategy, Communication)

                                   Shareholder and Member of the Advisory Board


2000 – 2004                Co-Founder, Center for Executive Training (CET) GmbH
        and the former “Forum for Mergers & Acquisitions (FMA) GbR”
        (Executive Education, Training and Scientific Consulting with
        Prof. Dr. Gerhard Picot (Freshfields, Köln) and
        Prof. Dr. Frank Richter (Goldman Sachs, Frankfurt) 


2000 – 2001                Co-Founder balboo GmbH with Prof. Dr. Peter LIttmann (former CEO of Hugo Boss) –
        Web 2.0-Portal “Health Communication”   



Awards & Honors


2016                           Global ranking "50 Thinkers"

 2010 / 2009 / 2007     „40 unter 40 - Deutschlands junge Elite“ (Wissenschaft), Capital


2008                           6 visionäre Grenzgänger", Egon Zehnder International


2007                           „Die Top 50 Campus-Menschen" Focus Campus, 51/2007


2007                           „40 unter 40 “, ManagerMagazin, 10/2007 


2007                          „Die wilden 13 – Die kreativsten Köpfe Deutschlands”,
      GQ, Gentlemen´s Quarterly, September 2007. 


2006                           „100 Köpfe im Land der Ideen“ (“100 People in the Land of Idea“)
       Awarded by Federal President Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler,

                                   (see: Jutta Limbach, Peter Raue (Hrsg.): 100 Köpfe von morgen. Die Zukunft im Land der      
       Ideen, Königswinter: Heel, 2006, p. 96f.)


2006                           NEON Magazin „Die wichtigsten 100 Köpfe“, Dezember 2006


2004                           X.O-Award for Extraordinary People
       Hennessy and Financial Times Deutschland,
       November 2004, Frankfurt, Germany  


2004                           „35 unter 35 – Junge Elite in Deutschland” | WirtschaftsWoche 


2003                          „175 most important international Management Books”
      with „Oszillodox”, Awarded by: Publishing House Campus
      (see: Management, Frankfurt a.M./New York: Campus, p. 1643f.)


2003                          „101 Köpfe, auf die Sie achten sollten“, Financial Times Deutschland.


2001                          „Best national Managementbook of the Year 2000“ for „Oszillodox!“ (co-authored with Peter  
      Littmann) together with Robert S. Kaplan und David P. Norton: “The Strategy-Focused    
      Organization“ (international).
      Awarded by: Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Europe.


2001                         „Most Innovative Concept in German Universities of the Year 2000“
      Founding of the “Institute for Mergers & Acquisitions (IMA)” 
      (Patroness: Edelgard Bulmahn,
      Federal Minister of Education and Research).